Online voting

InternetNZ’s position on online voting

Currently, we are reviewing our position on online voting. A lot has changed since the government’s online voting working party reported back in 2014. Influence campaigns and disinformation has crept up to threaten our democracy and the cyber security challenges have not gotten any easier.

We have been working with the Internet community within our community message boards to understand others’ views, the benefits, and risks of online voting in order to help us arrive at an updated position on whether we support or oppose online voting. If you have views about online voting please join our community boards to talk with other New Zealanders on this important issue.

Watch this space for more information later this year.

Submissions on online voting

InternetNZ submitted on the exposure draft Local Electoral (Online Voting Trial) Regulations 2019. You can read our submission here:

Submission - Regulations for online voting trials (12 November 2018)