Organisational review consultation - 2017

In 2016 the Council initiated an organisational review of the InternetNZ group (InternetNZ, the Domain Name Commission and NZRS). Our current structure was designed in 2002 and has not been reviewed since 2008. The scale and impact of the Internet on society over the past decade has been enormous and is evolving rapidly – making our role as a voice for the local Internet community even more important. We have also matured significantly as a group during that time.

The review sought to understand whether we are still best setup to deliver on our vision in this changing environment.

The Council consulted on an initial proposed change to our organisational design in June 2017 which, if accepted, would have seen our three organisations merge to become one, governed by one Council. Employees, members and stakeholders were all welcome to provide feedback on these proposals. Input was received from a wide range of stakeholders and is available below, along with a summary of the feedback.

In August 2017 the Council agreed to a revised proposal for a final round of consultation. This revised proposal takes into account the well-considered feedback from staff and stakeholders during the first round. The changes between the revised and the original proposals reflect Council's assessment of that feedback. Council would like to thank those who provided feedback – it has helped them adapt and improve the overall plan.

The revised proposal was developed by a sub group of Council (Jamie Baddeley, Joy Liddicoat, Keith Davidson and Dave Moskovitz) alongside Martin Jenkins, the management consultancy company that has been advising the Council throughout this process. The revised proposal has also had input from Richard Currey (Chair NZRS) and David Farrar (Chair DNCL).

The outcome from the proposal is that from 1 April 2018, all the work of InternetNZ and NZRS is being streamlined under one banner; InternetNZ.

 NZRS ceases to exist, and its people and services have been integrated into InternetNZ. The Domain Name Commission (DNCL) has also focused in on its independent role overseeing the .nz domain name space and administering the .nz dispute resolution service. They have a smaller Board which means .nz policy development is now the responsibility of InternetNZ. It will set up a new .nz policy committee to decide policy, fees and commercial terms.

 The rationale for all these changes is to simplify how Internet users work with us, and to improve the effectiveness of our part in governance and management of the Internet. You can read more on the background of this change in a blog from President Jamie Baddeley

We’re all still acting for a better world through a better, open and uncapturable Internet.

Key documents: First Proposal (June 2017)

  • Summary of Submissions (released in July 2017)
  • Consultation document (version 2). The original version (version 1 below) unintentionally omitted some information regarding the interim arrangements proposed - should the current proposals to bring the three organisations together be accepted. Specifically, page 11 contains additional detail in relation to the proposed interim arrangements regarding the entity structure and governance, and rationale. There are no other changes from the original document.

Published submissions and summary (consultation round one - June 2017)

52 submissions were received altogether for the first round of consultation. There were 26 submitters who were happy for their submissions to be published, while 26 asked for their submissions to be kept private. All submissions that have been recorded as public are posted below. All submissions, both public and private, have been analysed and a summary of the consultation submissions is provided at the link above (released 27 July).  

Key documents: Revised Proposal (Aug 2017)

Published submissions (consultation round two - September 2017)

13 public submissions have been submitted and uploaded below. 

Submissions made public