Public sector research design workshop (10.30am-12.30pm)

Corinne Cordes

Senior Design Specialist, Digital Transformation | Result 10

The Department of Internal Affairs

What is service design and how does research fit in? This session will look at the role of research in public sector service design drawing on recent research by Result 10 as a practical example. It will offer a brief introduction to service design for those new to the subject and look at issues such as the difference between insights and research, why we're interested in understanding behaviours more than attitudes or opinions, the merits and limitations of different methodologies, the use of research at different stages in the service design process, and the relationship between research and co-design.


To help researchers understand the public sector service design process and how research fits in.

Target audience

The session would appeal to researchers with an interest in how the public sector practically applies research when designing services (rather than policy), especially as we move to a digital by default model of government service provision.


*Collaborative notes for this session is available here.