Jordan CarterChief Executive
Jordan Carter


Jordan Carter is Chief Executive of InternetNZ. He is responsible for overall management of the organisation leading the staff team and workings with Council and members to establish and develop the organisation's strategy and relationships with stakeholders. He is InternetNZ’s main spokesperson. In his spare time he likes reading, film, exploring Wellington’s restaurant scene and doing the odd bit of tramping


Andrew CushenDeputy Chief Executive
Andrew Cushen 


Andrew is the Deputy Chief Executive. He leads the Issues and Operations teams at InternetNZ, and works with the Chief Executive on strategy, media and stakeholder engagement. In his spare time he collects Lego, drinks craft beer and loves his cat Carlos like a brother. 



Ellen StricklandCommunity Programme Director
Ellen Strickland 


Ellen is the Community Programme Director for InternetNZ. She leads our community funding programme, including community grants and strategic partnerships, and our community engagement and collaboration activities, including NetHui. Ellen has one cat, one dog and one daughter, who she adores and keeps her on her toes. She also plays a mean game of scrabble.


Gertrud KikajonCommunity Funding Coordinator
Gertrud Kikajon


Gertrud collaborates within InternetNZ, and the Internet community, to develop and advance the community programme. Her focus is on community funding activities including community grants, sponsorships, strategic partnership funding and grants and sponsorship committee support. In her spare time, Gertrud sews her own clothes, bakes, reads and is currently learning French.


Mary ToveyFinance Manager
Mary Tovey


Mary is the Finance Manager of InternetNZ. She is responsible for financial reporting and analysis to the Chief Executive. Mary loves spending time with her grandchildren playing Monopoly and knuckle bones. She also enjoys fishing!



Yvonne MorrisonAssistant Accountant
Yvonne Morrison


Yvonne is the Assistant Accountant at InternetNZ. She is a key component of the finance team and provides support to the Finance Manager to ensure the efficient effective management of the InternetNZ finances. Outside of work, Yvonne leads a team of volunteers helping to feed her local community and also runs educational workshops teaching women the power of understanding their finances.


Maria ReyesOffice Manager
Maria Reyes


Maria provides administrative and operational services to support the core functions of InternetNZ. Maria enjoys watching movies, loves listening to music and going to the beach on a warm sunny day.




Yvonne SheltonEvents Manager
Yvonne Shelton


Yvonne manages the planning and implementation of InternetNZ's events and conferences. Yvonne enjoys the great outdoors - her motto is work, save, travel, enjoy.




Ben CreetIssues Manager
Ben Creet

Email: [Ben's PGP Key 
(Fingerprint: D287 B123 3A14 19AB C448 1611 700D C53B 5CE9 5443)]

Ben is the Issues Manager and leads InternetNZ's Internet Issues Programme to deliver high quality projects and products that promote the Internet's benefits and protect its potential. Ben is also a post-grad student in strategic studies, an xbox gamer and most importantly is parent/pack-leader to #LilCreeture, #LittlestCreeture and #CreeturePup.


James Ting-EdwardsSenior Issues Advisor
James Ting-Edwards


As a member of our Issues Team, James works on projects that support a better Internet across our focus areas of access, trust, and creative potential. He has led our recent work on telecommunications regulation, updating copyright law, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In his free time, James practices his Mandarin and performs on-stage improv with the Covert Theatre. 


Nicola BrownIssues Advisor
Nicola Brown 


As a member of our issues team, Nicola works on projects that support a better Internet across our focus areas of access, trust, and creative potential. She is currently leading our work on telecommunications regulation and digital inclusion. As a recent Auckland ex-pat, Nicola moved to Wellington for the craft beer scene, but is staying for the quality public transport system.

Maryann RobertsonAdministration Assistant
Maryann Robertson


Maryann ensures that InternetNZ and its subsidiaries are supported through efficient frontline and administration. Maryann is the first point of contact for the InternetNZ group. Maryann enjoys spending her weekends checking out cafes around Wellington. She also likes hiking and is learning New Zealand Sign Language.