Our staff

Chief Executive

Jordan Carter


Jordan Carter is Chief Executive of InternetNZ. He is responsible for overall leadership, spokesperson for Internet issues, and executing the strategy. Jordan cares deeply about the difference the Internet can make for good in people’s lives, and he gets out of bed every morning because of the difference InternetNZ makes. In his spare time he likes reading, film, exploring Wellington and the odd bit of tramping.

Chief Technology Strategist

Dave Baker

Dave has had over 20 years experience in the IT industry and has had permanent and consultancy roles encompassing a variety of industries including banking, insurance, oil, manufacturing and utilities in the UK , Australia and New Zealand.. Dave joined the InternetNZ Group shortly after the implementation of the Shared Registry System in 2003.

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Systems and Security Architect

Mike Gray

Mike started with the InternetNZ Group in mid-2012 having spent the previous five years as a technical lead in a large U.S.-based corporate environment. Mike has a broad range of technical skills and enjoys applying these in the design and development of technical solutions.

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IT Operations Director

Dane Foster

Dane has been working in the systems engineering field for 21 years across 17 countries. From his beginnings in Canada he has been instrumental in setting up an affordable ISP in Fiji, and ensured CityLink’s network stays functional in New Zealand. Dane joined InternetNZ Group in early 2014, and is tasked with maintaining the infrastructure on which all .nz websites run. He’s a keen motorcyclist, and adventurer.

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Senior Developer

Gareth Palmer

Gareth is a Senior Developer working on the Shared Registry System. When not working he is either planning to, or in the process of taking a nap.

Senior Systems Administrator

Paul Radford

Paul appeared at InternetNZ one day in 2017, following a stint at a European open-journalism firm. He has done Linux/UNIX/application systems work for several NZ public-sector organisations, interspersed with periods of academic study and six years teaching English in Japan and Vietnam. Paul values quality, elegant solutions and time well-spent; therefore he lives on the *nix command line.

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.nz Operations Manager

Josh Simpson

Josh joined the InternetNZ systems administrator team in early-2014 to assist in maintaining the .nz infrastructure. In a previous life, he shared the technical responsibilities of maintaining and expanding the reach of Wellington-based Internet provider Actrix. He loves all things tech and gadgets, enjoys sci-fi movies, and has also been known to lurk at Kiwicon and NZNOG conferences.

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Senior Systems Administrator

Sid Jones


Sid has been working in the systems and networking areas for twenty+ years and is still learning. Outside of work, he tries to deny his age by riding bikes downhills too fast for his own good.

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Chief Scientist

Sebastian Castro

Sebastian leads a team of Researchers and Data Scientists looking for answers to questions about the Internet and the .nz namespace using data and algorithms. He has a particular interest on active and passive Internet data collections, analysis, and visualizations. Outside of code and algorithms, he enjoys capturing life and landscapes with his camera, or dancing with his partner.

Internet Researcher

Jing Qiao

Jing has been analysing data of Internet traffic and sharing her observations with the community. Her work provides valuable insights to DNS operators and the Domain industry. Before InternetNZ, Jing has worked in the .cn registry and has worked as a software engineer for IT companies in Beijing and Wellington. In her spare time, she likes reading, travelling and exploring new recipes.

Data Engineer

Asher Haliwell


After an internship with InternetNZ over summer, Ash joined the InternetNZ Research team permanently as a Data Engineer. They hold a software engineering degree at Victoria University and outside work, they are an enthusiast of both tabletop and video games.

Organisational Services Director

Catherine Fenwick


Catherine Fenwick joined InternetNZ in May 2018 as Organisational Services Director. Her role is to support, lead, develop and execute InternetNZ's core corporate operations and financial performance. Outside of work she enjoys travelling whenever possible, attending rowing, netball and other sporting events with her daughter and exploring the many great walks around the regions.

Executive Assistant

Diane Robinson


Diane is the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Jordan Carter, Domain Name Commissioner Brent Carey and provides support to the Council and Senior Leadership Team. She has an avid interest in coaching Netball and developing players. Diane loves spending time with family, helping with community projects, gardening and exploring cookbooks to create amazing cuisine.

Finance Manager

Mary Tovey


Mary is the Finance Manager of InternetNZ. She is responsible for financial reporting and analysis to the Chief Executive. Mary loves spending time with her grandchildren playing Monopoly and knuckle bones. She also enjoys fishing!

Business and Finance Analyst

Aron Narayan


Aron has recently joined InternetNZ as the Financial Analyst after having lived and worked in Australia for the last 20 years. He provides support to the Financial Manager, with a strong focus on developing reporting infrastructure and transparencies throughout the organisation. He has an avid interest in travel, reading and single malt scotch.

Assistant Accountant

Vikash Naidu


Vikash provides support to the Finance Team and works hard to make sure the financial reporting is delivered on time while keeping an eye on the money. He loves to play football and backing his favorite team, Manchester United.

Portfolio Advisor

Maria Reyes


Maria is the Portfolio Advisor and is responsible for leading the development, implementation and improvement of project and programme frameworks and is also responsible for provisions of the office and administrative services to INZ with the support of the Office Administrator. Outside of work, she enjoys watching movies and doing fun activities with her kids.

Office Administrator

Liz Parker


Liz provides office support for the Organisational Services team. She is always the smile in the room and is without a doubt the life of any party!

HR Advisor

Vicki Wright


Working within the Organisational Services team, Vicki supports the wider InternetNZ Group with all HR related matters. This includes recruitment, payroll, staff development and Health and Safety. Vicki works part-time for InternetNZ and spends the rest of her time looking after her three children, three chickens, one, dog, one cat, one rabbit and three fish.

Office Manager

Briar Watson


Briar organises and coordinates the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of the office. Briar loves to travel, and enjoys spending her free time soaking up the sun- Welly weather permitting!

Chief Security Officer

Sam Sargeant


Sam invests his time working to keep the Internet secure and raising two children. He joined InternetNZ in 2019 after twenty years working in security and technology across government and the private sector.

Commercial Director

David Morrison


As Commercial Director, David is charged with leading the commercial development of InternetNZ's existing and new products to ensure long term, sustainable revenues that support the society's objectives. The role is diverse, incorporating marketing, channel management, product development and business intelligence. Outside of work David is a keen motorcyclist, enjoys quality family time and also finds time for an occasional game of Star Wars X-Wing.

Business Development Manager

Terence Hibbert


Product Manager

Cam Findlay


Cam is our Product Manager making our customer centric product development approach better at every iteration. Prior to InternetNZ, he looked after data.govt.nz, and worked across government to grow the use of open data in government digital services. When not slicing up user stories for our product backlog, Cam studies the art of Japanese sword drawing (iaidō) and teaches weekly classes.

Senior Developer

Ehsan Faraji-Jalal


Ehsan is one of the Senior Developers in the Technology Services team. Before joining InternetNZ, he spent most of his career in banking and the financial industry, developing core-banking and financial platforms. He enjoys cooking and running and is interested in tech, gadgets and video games.

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Support Manager

Sonya Trompetter

Chief Advisor, International

Dr Ellen Strickland


Ellen leads the coordination of our international work across the InternetNZ group. She provides strategic advice on international matters and engages in Internet governance processes for InternetNZ. Ellen has one cat, one dog and one daughter, and she plays a mean game of scrabble!

Policy Director

Kim Connolly-Stone


Kim is our Policy Director. She is passionate about digital inclusion and she is always available to help government agencies think about the Internet in their policy work. Kim can be distracted by cats and the Internet.

Senior Policy Advisor

James Ting-Edwards


James works with our Policy team, delivering projects and analysis to support the Internet’s benefits to all New Zealanders. He has a background in law, and has worked on changes to privacy law, updating copyright for the Internet era, and regulation for NZ’s UFB fibre network. Outside work he can be found onstage or on a ukulele.

Policy Advisor

Nicola Brown


Nicola is a member of our policy team, who contributes research and analysis to help InternetNZ and the wider Internet community realise the benefits of the Internet. She currently leads our work on digital inclusion, telecommunications legislation, and platforms. When she’s not thinking about the Internet for work, she’s thinking about the Internet for fun.

Kate Townsend

Principal Policy Advisor

Kate Townsend


Kate is the Principal Analyst leading the review of .nz policy and helping her team develop broader Internet-related think pieces. She cares deeply about good policy making. Her hobbies include international travel and local cultural events.

Engagement Director

Andrew Cushen


Andrew is the Engagement Director and leads the Community, Events and Communications teams at InternetNZ. He has over 15 years experience in managing relationships, messages and issues across the Internet, telco and tech sectors. He has a cat named Carlos whom he loves.

Communications Manager

Sarah George


Sarah is responsible for developing and implementing InternetNZ's communications strategy. She manages all communication plans and outreach to our key stakeholders, members and the wider public. She is a versatile communicator with the ability to work across written, digital, social and creative content. Sarah is proud to be Taranaki born and bred and spends her weekends wakeboarding, snowboarding or tramping - whatever the weather allows!

Communications Advisor

Maria Skatova


Maria provides communications support to InternetNZ and the Domain Name Commission, using her mixed background in web-development, journalism and public health communications to make the Internet a better place. Every free minute she has, Maria reads. She also hybridises African Violets and considers her hobby as patience training.

Content Specialist

Dave McCreery


Events Manager

Yvonne Shelton


Yvonne manages the planning and implementation of InternetNZ's events and conferences. Yvonne enjoys the great outdoors - her motto is work, save, travel, enjoy.

Community Manager

Vanisa Dhiru


Vanisa leads the community facing functions - our philanthropic strategy for partnerships, grants and in-kind support. She is responsible for sponsorship requests and supporting stakeholder relationships. Outside of work she gives a huge amount of time to her favourite causes - gender equality, developing young people and cultural relations in Aotearoa.

Community Advisor

Ciara Arnot


Ciara works in the Engagement team on the community facing functions, helping make a positive impact through grants, sponsorship and our members programme. She is from sunny Motueka, she loves to travel, work out and spend time with her friends and family.