Towards a world without mass surveillance

In early 2016, we published our position paper Towards a world without mass surveillance. This paper is our view on the the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)'s Game Plan to End Global Mass Surveillance.

We see a lot of potential in the EFF's plan. Surveillance over the Internet is difficult, if not impossible, to solve domestically alone. The EFF's plan sets out a wide range of activities and impacts that they, and other organisations around the world, can do to help build a world without mass surveillance.

We have analysed the EFF's plan and we think we have a role to play in contributing to a world without mass surveillance. InternetNZ supports the EFF's Game Plan by:

  • encouraging user-side encryption
  • encouraging and incentivising the creation of secure communication tools (check out our work on secure messaging)
  • contributing to the legal principles around surveillance and privacy (we did a submission on the NZ Intelligence and Security Bill)
  • increasing transparency (we've build transparency reporting templates and we've assessed NZ ISPs on whether they do transparency reporting)

Here are links to both our paper and the EFF's original plan: