Changing InternetNZ: our organisational review

Since late 2016, Council has been working on an organisational review of InternetNZ. The simple question we set out to answer was: can the work of the group (InternetNZ, NZRS and the Domain Name Commission) be organised better, to help us achieve our objectives?

The answer is yes. Last week, we finalised decisions about how to change the way we organise ourselves. A simpler structure with less governance and management overhead is the outcome, with critical aspects of our current approach retained and improved.

Key features of the changes:

  • Bringing NZRS’s functions, people and assets into InternetNZ.

  • Keeping the Domain Name Commission as a separate company, with a focus on the regulatory and enforcement aspects of .nz policy and contracts. DNCL will be governed by a smaller board, chaired by the new Chief Executive.

  • InternetNZ role in .nz expanding to include responsibility for the .nz policy framework and its evolution and development over time.

  • Proposals to reduce the number of elected members of the InternetNZ Council from twelve to nine, along with a new ability to appoint two additional Councillors to balance skills and experience.

  • Hiring of a Chief Executive to lead the new InternetNZ through an open recruitment process.

  • Maintaining the scope of the whole group’s work - this is a change to how we are organised, not to what we do.

You can spot more detail about the changes, the logic behind them, the submissions of staff and stakeholders on our website:

As with any change of this scale, we have been consulting and involving staff across the group in the changes. The feedback they shared with us has helped to shape these proposals. The work of the review has taken some time, and I offer my thanks to all our staff who have been patient and kept on with the work as this review has taken place.

All in all, I see this change as an opportunity for us to thrive, as a team and individually, and go further and faster in delivering the work the organisation stands for. There is much to be done, and we are lucky to have such a professional and skilled group of people working for us in doing it - and such a committed and diverse group of members, partners and stakeholders to work with.

Our vision of a better world through a better Internet will guide us, as will the Objects set out in our constitution. From technology research to community support, and public policy to excellence in registry operations, we already make a serious contribution to New Zealand. The Internet is ever more important to the country’s future. Our responsibility is to do everything we can to help grab the opportunities the Internet presents them professionally and personally. This new approach to how we organise will help us do that.

I expect we’ll be announcing the name of the person we appoint to the new Chief Executive role before Christmas. That appointment process is now under way, and Council will be meeting with shortlisted candidates to hear their plans at our November meeting.

I’d welcome your feedback or views on these changes, and look forward to sharing some further thoughts with you at our stakeholder functions towards the end of November.

Jamie Baddeley - President @InternetNZ