Council elections 2018

Election results 

On Thursday 26 July 2018, elections were held at InternetNZ's AGM. Below are the results of the elections. The final election results - signed by the independent scrutineer - is also linked below. 

President and Vice President

At the close of nominations, there was one nomination for President and one nomination for Vice President. Jamie Baddeley and Joy Liddicoat were elected unopposed as President and Vice President of InternetNZ, for a three-year term until the 2021 Annual General Meeting.  

Councillor appointee

The successful Councillor appointment for a three-year term (until the 2021 AGM) is Richard Hulse.

Constitutional change

Members also voted on a constitutional change: THAT Clause 11.4 of the Constitution be changed from:

"In all elections a preferential voting system will be used." to:

"In all elections a preferential and proportional voting system will be used."

68.89% voted in favour of the proposed Constitutional change and therefore the amended was carried.

Final election results - signed by the independent scrutineer

2018 Council nominations

Nominations for the 2018 Council elections for the election of President, Vice President and one Councillor for a three-year term (ending at the AGM in 2021) was closed at 5pm on Thursday 5 July 2018.

InternetNZ members were eligible to stand for Council. However, please note that all nominees must have been a financial member of InternetNZ for at least three months before the date of their nomination to be eligible to stand for Council.

List of confirmed nominees are as follow:


Nominees Nominated By
Jamie Baddeley Joy Liddicoat


Vice President

Nominees Nominated By
Joy Liddicoat Jamie Baddeley



Nomineess Nominated By

Rochelle Furneaux

Brenda Wallace
Vivian Chandra Brenda Wallace
Dianne Daniels Robyn Kamira

Richard Hulse 

Dave Moskovitz

More information

The Returning Officer - Maria Reyes - is happy to answer any questions you may have. Please email if you have any questions