InternetNZ annual report 2021-2022

Who we are

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InternetNZ | Ipurangi Aotearoa is the home and guardian for the .nz domain. And it’s our mission to create an Internet for all New Zealanders that is safe, accessible and a place for good. A non-profit organisation, we provide the infrastructure, security and support to keep the Internet of New Zealand humming.

We are a member organisation too. You can join us as a member to be in the know, have a say in our direction, vote in elections or stand for Council, or simply because you believe in our cause.

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President’s report

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2021 has demonstrated the importance of digital equity and connectivity as never before. With the global pandemic still taking its toll and COVID-19 in the communities of Aotearoa, we have fully embraced working remotely while still managing to get a lot done. 

Chief Executive’s report

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The last financial year has been a challenge for all of us in Aotearoa, no less in InternetNZ. We’ve had to adapt to the changes and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic while delivering our strategy and commitments to New Zealand. The last financial year has also seen us building the foundations for our future. 

Year in review

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Work in Aotearoa and globally to help develop an Internet for good.

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Growing concern

There is a continued increase of New Zealanders concerned with misinformation, online conspiracy theories, extremist material and hate speech online.

Privacy and security

The number of people that are extremely concerned about online privacy and security has risen for the second year in a row.

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Use of the Internet

79% of New Zealanders use at least one of the four Meta Platform apps daily.

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Content regulation

We engaged with Ministers and government departments working on the review of the content regulatory system to help them understand current Internet issues and scope a review that can advance an Internet-ready content regulation system.

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Media and platforms

We also engaged with the Minister and Ministry of Culture and Heritage about the shortcomings of the Australian approach to media bargaining and platforms, with a view on funding public interest media in the Internet era.

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Online harms

In October 2021, we hosted a community roundtable on problems posed by harmful behaviours and content online.


As part of participating in the governance of the Domain Name System as the guardians of .nz, InternetNZ is an active participant in online ICANN meetings and in ICANN processes. InternetNZ’s former CE Jordan Carter has served as ViceChair to the Country Code Name Supporting Organisation (ccNSO) council at ICANN. 

Internet governance fora

We took part in different fora in 2021/2022, including the United Nations Internet Governance Forum, Asia Pacific Internet Governance Forum, and Rights Con, working with the global Internet community to better understand issues and global developments as we progress our work for an Internet for good and digital inclusion.

Governance processes

We kept engaged with the New Zealand government, the technical community, and international Internet civil society organisations through a range of working groups and Internet governance processes. We worked to influence and support an open Internet and a multistakeholder approach to Internet governance to benefit Internet users in New Zealand and globally.

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21 grants


7 partnerships


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5 sponsorships


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Collaborative funding


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New investment and community-driven action drives significant improvements to digital inclusion across Aotearoa.



To fund increased public good investment, grow the use, value and revenue from .nz domain names.

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150,771 .nz

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12,872 other second level domains



Develop new sources of revenue through ongoing investment in and sales of new products.

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Broadband Map

The map helps consumers and businesses to find what broadband options, speeds, and providers are available at their location. We had 1,532,543 Broadband Map API queries, 402,953 public map searches, and 9,433 searches through the widget during the 2021/2022 financial year.

We deprecated Version 1 of the API in 2021/2022 and migrated all the customers to Version 2.

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Defenz DNS Firewall

We have discontinued development on Defenz DNS Firewall and will continue supporting existing customers while determining the appropriate way forward in this product space.

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Registry Lock

We rescheduled the Registry Lock service launch due to the .nz registry replacement process. We plan to offer this service to our customers after implementing the new .nz registry. 

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Develop InternetNZ as a high-performing organisation and an excellent place to work.


permanent staff in InternetNZ as of 31 March 2022


offices in Auckland and Wellington


flexible, distributed team

wellington office

In December 2021, we moved into our new Wellington home — Level 13, 18 Willis Street, Wellington. 

We designed the office to support our new flexible working policy, with more space focused on collaboration and coming together in person and online.

It has been a much more complex project than planned with the disruptions the pandemic has caused, but we are delighted to say our new home is all but finished and open for staff and visitors. 


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