Concerns about things like misinformation remain significant but may have peaked last year, while concerns for children accessing inappropriate content remain high.

New Zealand's top concerns

Internet concerns over time: extremely / very concerned

The number one concern about the Internet continues to be, it enables young children to access inappropriate content. There is also an upward trend in people being concerned about people becoming isolated from each other.

New Zealanders are embracing multi-factor authentication

Worryingly, use of pins or passwords on all devices has significantly dropped, but the nation is becoming more familiar with multi-factor authentication.

Do you use a pin or password on any or all of your devices?
Do you use two factor or multi-factor authentication on any or all accounts?

New Zealanders online security behaviours

Please note: zero values represent years where data was not collected for this particular category. View data in table format for more details.

Reporting concerning content

Only 4/10 New Zealanders know where to report harmful or concerning online content. Younger people are more likely to know where to report it, compared to other groups.

42% of people know where to report something online that might be harmful or dangerous. Of these:
Go to the police
Go to Netsafe

Average number of concerns per group

We have some groups who have a larger number of concerns about the Internet. These are females, older New Zealanders, Māori, Pacific Peoples and Asian.

Security and privacy

Levels of concern over time: online security of personal data

New Zealanders' concern about privacy and security continues to rise, with two thirds reporting that they have decided not to use an online service in the past year due to privacy and security concerns.

65% Of New Zealanders have decided NOT to use an online service because of security or privacy concerns in the last year.

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