Round of applause for Sky TV

Sky TVThe announcement from Sky TV today that it will be offering stand-alone season passes to sports such as Super Rugby and the NRL is great news for Kiwi consumers and another sign that online is fast becoming the future of broadcast content.

Allowing customers to sign up for the season passes independently from a subscription to Sky's broadcast package shows a newfound flexibility that InternetNZ welcomes - and hopes all broadcast companies can follow.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter says he is pleased at the noises coming out of Sky recently.

"The Neon service, when it arrives, is looking really promising and this new season pass model is fantastic. Unbundling its channels so that the consumer now has the ability to pick and choose what they want to watch, when they want to watch it and in HD too is exactly the sort of innovation that a good Internet provides to our TV viewing habits. Now if you want to watch just rugby and you're less interested in the Kardashians you don't have to buy the whole Sky subscriber package.

"We applaud Sky for looking at ways of changing their business model to suit a changing broadcast world.

"The next step is for Sky to extend this model to other high demand content - personally I am looking forward to getting a Soho pass ASAP," Jordan Carter says.