Plans and reports

Strategic and activity plans

This page sets out strategic plans for the whole Group and for InternetNZ, including the strategy guiding our operation of the .nz country code top level domain and our development of new products and services. It also has our annual Activity Plans and Budgets, so you can see our concrete activity and resource commitments.

Operational reports

This page has activity reports that set out what we do and compare this with planned activity for our general work, the .nz domain name space, and discloses quarterly financial information. 

Chief Executive reports

The Chief Executive provides the Council with a report on operational progress at each Council meeting. These reports provide details about progress against the annual Activity Plan.

Technical research and product development reports

This page has historical reports on NZRS work related to Technical Research and new Product and Services development. This is now covered in general operational reports.

Annual reports

This page has InternetNZ's annual reports, which include information about our activity and our financial results.

Vulnerability disclosure policy

InternetNZ is committed to resolving security vulnerabilities quickly and carefully. If you believe you have discovered a security related issue within our online systems, we appreciate your help in disclosing the issue with us responsibly and confidentially so that we can investigate and respond.