InternetNZ annual report 2022-2023

Who we are

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InternetNZ | Ipurangi Aotearoa is the home and guardian of .nz — providing the infrastructure, security, and support to keep it operating. 

We're a not-for-profit organisation, and the money we receive from .nz domain names goes back into the community. We provide grants, help to fund other organisations, and advocate for an accessible and safe Internet that benefits everyone in Aotearoa.

We are a member organisation, too — we had 402 members as of 31 March 2023. You can join us as a member to be in the know, have a say in our direction, stand for Council, vote in elections, or simply because you believe in our cause.

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President’s report

joy liddicoat

I am pleased to report InternetNZ has completed another successful year. A highlight was the biggest registry transformation in our history. The new registry system is easier to maintain, update, and operate. Alongside the new registry, the Domain Name Commission Limited implemented the complementary new set of .nz policies and rules. My thanks and congratulations go to everyone involved.

Chief Executive’s report

vivien maidaborn

Titiro whakamuri kōkiri whakamua — look back and reflect so you can move forward.

Managing .nz


Rei kura: .nz for all of Aotearoa

We believe that the .nz domain is New Zealand’s home online, and the .nz infrastructure is critical to the performance of the modern New Zealand economy and wellbeing of New Zealanders and our communities.

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drawing of .nz in a search bar

162,715 .nz

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12,486 other second-level domains

Implementation progress
  Targets for 2022-2023 Outputs in 2022-2023
Registry replacement implementation is on time (%) 100% on-time 85% on-time
Registry replacement implementation is on  budget (%) 100.00% on budget 97.26% on budget
Registry performance
  Targets  Outputs
DNS availability 100.000% 100.000%
EPP availability 99.900% 99.999%
WHOIS availability 99.900% 99.975%


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.nz consumers and businesses research

Our 2022 consumer and business research shows that .nz is a domain of choice for consumers and businesses in Aotearoa.

  • 44% of all businesses and 15% of consumers in New Zealand have or manage a .nz domain in 2022.
  • 71% of NZ businesses and 67% of consumers agree that the .nz domain is more trustworthy than other domain names. 
  • 6 in 10 businesses, and just over half of consumers, agreed that .nz domain names are more valuable than other domain names.
Research report

Public good work

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Grants and funding

InternetNZ | Ipurangi Aotearoa funding and sponsorship come from .nz domain name sales. We want to support the growth of the Internet community in Aotearoa. We do this by distributing funds through partner organisations, running contestable grant rounds, collaborating with other funders, and sponsoring community initiatives.

Snapshot of our funding
Mike Muriwai v2

Rei kura: a Te Tiriti o Waitangi centric organisation

We believe that as an organisation of this land and as guardian of .nz on behalf of Aotearoa, Te Tiriti o Waitangi should be central to how we operate.

We work to be recognised as a Te Tiriti o Waitangi centric organisation, by developing relationships and working in partnership with Māori, and by embedding Te Ao Māori into our core work.

Kōhanga Reo

We entered a strategic alliance sponsorship in November 2022 with Te Kōhanga Reo National Trust in support of the event Te Hokokura 40 years celebration of the Kōhanga Reo. This established an introductory meeting between InternetNZ and Te Kōhanga Reo National Trust to explore future engagement opportunities.

Te Matarau

We entered into an initial relationship development and potential future partnership in March 2023 with Te Matarau — Māori Tech Association. This initial phase will look towards jointly providing leadership, on a national basis, to significantly work on digital issues relating to Māori in Aotearoa and introduce and connect kaupapa Māori organisations to engagement opportunities with InternetNZ.

TS913533 l

Rei kura: an Internet that benefits

We believe in an Internet that benefits all the people of Aotearoa. We work towards the empowerment of all New Zealanders to use, create, and innovate on the Internet in a way that keeps them and others safe. We work to shape developments affecting the Internet, both domestically and internationally, to make the Internet better for people.

a bubble with broken lines, illustrating concerns
Impact of the Internet

Māori are less likely to feel that the positives of the Internet outweigh the negatives.

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A diversity of concerns

Pasifika and women are much more concerned about some aspects of the Internet than others.

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Use of the Internet

16% of Internet users have a long-term disability, with many using assistive technology.


An Internet that benefits people — research

We ran a research project to find out what people in Aotearoa think about and need from the Internet. The project included a literature scan of existing research in this space and engagement with community groups. We wanted to focus on hearing from groups who do not always get a loud voice in this space, including Māori communities. 

To do this work, we partnered with Kaye Maree Dunn’s Making Everything Achievable (an intergenerational whānau-led enterprise dedicated to co-creation and working together to achieve transformation and impact) and Toi Āria (a Massey University research centre delivering positive social change through effective community engagement projects).

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a screenshot from a video of InternetNZ's James Ting-Edwards giving a commentary

Our commentary on the Lady Khadija Trust’s Community of Strangers project on reform of incitement of hate laws.

A girl wearing a dress an and a fedora is looking at the city from a lookout point

Submission on online voting and misinformation issues raised by the Independent Electoral Review paper: Independent Electoral Review Consultation.

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Rei kura: an Internet for everyone

We believe that everyone in Aotearoa should be empowered to make the most of an increasingly digital world, in a way that works for them. We work to enable all the people of Aotearoa to access and effectively use the Internet to equitably participate in and benefit from our society, democracy, and economy.

InternetNZ in 2022-2023

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  • 36 permanent kaimahi | staff in InternetNZ as of 31 March 2023
  • Two offices in Tāmaki Makaurau | Auckland and Te Whanganui a Tara | Wellington
  • Flexible, distributed team based in Te Upoko-o-te-Ika | Wellington region, Tāmaki Makaurau | Auckland, Ngāmotu | New Plymouth, Whangārei and Tūranganui-a-Kiwa | Gisborne.

InternetNZ supports kaimahi to find the best place, space, and time to deliver the best outcomes. As part of this, we have a distributed workforce. To support working from home, we pay for a home Internet connection for our team and ensure that people who primarily work from home have a safe workspace set up. 

We believe that individuals and society benefit hugely from volunteers' massive contribution in Aotearoa today. As our contribution to this, all kaimahi receive one day of volunteer leave per year.

Development is a central pillar of our approach to supporting our team. We encourage people to develop and grow at work and provide individual development opportunities through courses, conference attendance, and memberships in professional organisations and associations.


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