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27 May
Internet filters cannot help with the worst types of harms people face online
27 May
On 13 May we released The five point plan for digital inclusion: COVID-19 and beyond.
22 May
We’re proud to announce that our team at InternetNZ has been able to provide funding for more projects during this challenging time. These sponsorships are focused on rangatahi, or youth-focused, and...
14 May
It’s been a year since the Christchurch Call was made.
13 May
Recently, InternetNZ hosted an online conversation on contact tracing and the Internet.
13 May
20 organisations across New Zealand have called on the Government to implement an action plan for digital inclusion and pledged their support to make it happen. The plan was submitted to Government...
7 May
During lockdown, we wanted to look at what’s been happening with the Internet; how it has been used, where users have been going for information, and more. Our team put together some very useful...
30 Apr
Nobody in New Zealand is untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been a tough and strange period. This has obviously meant changes to the Panel’s work.
30 Apr
InternetNZ today reveals that New Zealanders are using .nz domain names more than ever before during the past weeks of level 4 lockdown.
28 Apr
One of our goals at InternetNZ is to support organisations that work to use the Internet and its technologies to help Kiwis across the country. That vision, of an Internet for all and an Internet for...