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17 Jan
December was busy for the .nz Advisory Panel as we finalised our .nz Policy Issues Report.
14 Jan
It gets harder and harder each year to make predictions about the Internet in New Zealand as technology changes become faster and faster. Last year our Engagement Director Andrew Cushen scored 1.5...
20 Dec
2019 has been a big year for New Zealand, for the Internet, and for InternetNZ. I wanted to share a few thoughts as the holiday season arrives, and to wish you well for the break.
17 Dec
2019 has been a challenging year for the Internet on many fronts. InternetNZ has been reflecting on what it means to help New Zealanders harness the power of the Internet to work, play, connect, and...
17 Dec
Friends, the end of the year is upon us. 2019 has been an exciting and, at times, challenging year. There’s been plenty of work to do to help New Zealanders harness the power of the Internet, while...
16 Dec
Since the news broke about the Internet Society’s decision to sell Public Interest Registry (PIR), the operator of the .org top level domain, I’ve been asked about InternetNZ’s take on the issue a...
13 Dec
At our November .nz Panel meeting, we explored feedback from a wide range of New Zealanders as part of our policy review for the .nz domain name space and the issues identified.
25 Nov
Today we are launching our #ShopSafeNZ campaign hoping to raise awareness about safer online shopping experience for Kiwis. We’ll be campaigning in the lead up to the holiday season and retail sales...
7 Nov
The .nz panel has spent the last couple of months researching and listening to New Zealanders’ views essentially on how open, accessible and secure they want the Internet to be.
1 Nov
InternetNZ is undertaking a comprehensive review of its .nz policies. The last comprehensive review took place way back in 2004. We provided two initial briefings on the .nz domain name system and...