Digital Convergence Paper a great first step

InternetNZ welcomes the Government's Digital Convergence Green Paper, released today, identifying a range of policy and legislative issues relating to the Internet in New Zealand.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter says the Internet is opening up an extensive range of opportunities for New Zealanders to innovate, connect and communicate – for both economic and social benefits.

"We need to ensure that our laws keep pace with this rapid pace of change.

"InternetNZ has previously advised the Government that this review needed to be broad in scope in order to meet these challenges.  We are pleased to see that this Digital Convergence Green Paper outlines a challenging and comprehensive programme of work that we hope will do just that."

The Digital Convergence Green Paper is accompanied by a detailed discussion document on content regulation.

"The Internet is having a massive impact on the consumption and creation of content in New Zealand. We want to ensure that New Zealand's laws enable this creativity to flourish," says Mr Carter.

InternetNZ will be holding public discussion forums on both of these documents to solicit the views of the New Zealand Internet community and aid the development of submissions, due on 16 October.

More information can be found on the convergence discussion website here