Not sure if uncertainty causes price rise, or just greed

Not sure if memeInternetNZ is perturbed by all the ISPs rushing to increase their broadband prices in the face of the Commerce Commission’s draft decision to lift the wholesale price of copper.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter said he’s not 100 per cent certain the price rises are necessary.

“What we’re seeing is something akin to the petrol industry. A model I hope the Internet market isn’t going to follow. There occurs the slightest hint of a wholesale price rise and the providers are sending out letters to their customers telling them they have to pay more.

“Whether they need to do this to cover the costs of wholesale isn’t proven, and it’s certainly on shaky ground that Vodafone need to increase their fibre costs when fibre pricing isn’t affected at all.

InternetNZ says that it’s been disappointed in the Commerce Commission’s unwillingness to provide certainty to the industry and thinks that this is likely to be the excuse behind the price rises.

“The wild fluctuations in pricing could have been avoided, but we are where we are now. This means working hard to provide a competitive and fair retail market for Internet services.

“Comments that New Zealand is unlikely to see Internet as cheap as it was before Christmas ever again seem to show an almost cartel-like behaviour. One goes and the all see it as an excuse to take a bit more money from the wallets of Kiwis.”