Online personal safety a top priority for Kiwis

26 October 2016

Research infographicNew research released today by InternetNZ shows that more than two thirds (72%) of Kiwis are aware of the risks around personal security on the Internet. (See figure 1 below).

InternetNZ commissioned market research company UMR to conduct research on our thoughts and attitudes to the Internet. New Zealanders were surveyed over the phone and in-depth focus groups were carried out to find out how we use the Internet and our hopes and fears of it.

With so much of our lives now being played out on the Internet, it is really important that people are aware of the risks and InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter says it's good to know that New Zealanders are thinking about security risks as they use the Internet.

"We hope that high awareness of the importance of security will see people take measures to stay safe online.

"With new advancements on the Internet - and with the release of many network connected household devices - it is necessary that security is a top priority for Internet users.

"This is why security and privacy is one of our main work areas and InternetNZ will continue to have a focus on this in coming years," says Carter.

When asked what the main benefits of the Internet are, 68% of respondents said access to information. (See figure 2 below).

"That's why InternetNZ's focus on access to the Internet is so important, and why dealing with digital divides matters so much. Being able to access information - and to keep up with the rest of the country that can - is too important and is why all New Zealanders need to be able to connect," says Carter.

The research also shows how much of an impact the Internet is having on our lives - and how important it has become as an everyday tool in today's society.

94% of New Zealanders check the Internet at least once a day, with a third of Kiwis constantly connected online.

Top of mind perceptions of the Internet were predominantly positive with 89% of respondents believing the positives of using the Internet outweigh the negatives.

It's encouraging to see that New Zealanders believe in the benefits the Internet can offer says Carter.
"The Internet has huge potential and we want people to make the most of the benefits it offers."

Other insights the research provides is what devices people use to connect to the Internet, main connection type, societal benefits, value overall and perceptions of an online future.

"This research provides InternetNZ with a framework for our yearly planning, ensuring our focus areas are aligned with views of the public," says Carter.

"We will continue to fund this research each year to build a useful resource and determine trends over time."


Figure 1: Main Internet concerns (prompted basis)

Figure 1

Figure 2: Main benefits of the Internet

Figure 2