Shop safe New Zealand

Today we are launching our #ShopSafeNZ campaign hoping to raise awareness about safer online shopping experience for Kiwis. We’ll be campaigning in the lead up to the holiday season and retail sales from 25 November - 1 January 2020.

Panel phishes out issues and opportunities for .nz

The .nz panel has spent the last couple of months researching and listening to New Zealanders’ views essentially on how open, accessible and secure they want the Internet to be.

Re-imagining the future of .nz

InternetNZ is undertaking a comprehensive review of its .nz policies. The last comprehensive review took place way back in 2004. We provided two initial briefings on the .nz domain name system and preliminary issues.

Cyber Smart Week - doing your bit

We’ve signed up as an official Cyber Smart Week partner again this year because the event is important

Long live NetHui!

NetHui 2019 is over - we managed to pack a few months of planning and hard work into two days full of breakout sessions, panel discussions and keynotes. Looking back on it, it was the best NetHui ever, and we aim to make the next one even better.

InternetNZ goes phishing

Welcome to the first in a series of posts about our response to growing online threats exploiting DNS framework.

Keeping it open, secure and accessible.

Engaging with Kiwis on what they want or expect from .nz domain names policies is underway! The .nz survey went out for public feedback on 18 September. We’ve had strong and interesting feedback but we’d like more before it closes on 14 October. Fill out the survey and be in to win a $500 prezzy

Re-imagining dispute resolution for the .nz online space

Mental health awareness week on 23-29 September is a good opportunity to talk about our dispute resolution services review because anyone working in dispute resolution is routinely dealing with other people's problems.

Checking in on the Christchurch Call

It’s been over six months since the Christchurch mosque attacks, and four months since the Christchurch Call was made. Tomorrow, there will be a meeting alongside the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York to take stock of progress on the Call. World leaders, company executives, United Nations representatives and others will come together to report back on what progress has been made and what plans lie ahead.

August .nz Advisory Panel meeting

To what extent do human rights compete with other important concepts such as an open internet, and how should they be prioritised or regulated?