Ensuring .nz can respond to emergencies and crises

Since the Christchurch mosque terrorist attack of 15 March, organisations all over Aotearoa have been responding to the aftermath.

Copyright updating... please wait

Our 25-year-old copyright law is out of date and badly needs an update to meet the needs of New Zealanders in the Internet era. Check out our submission to the Government.

New plan, renewed focus, new roles

Our approach to this is to start by appointing our first ever Chief Security Officer.

Our New Zealand online:

84% of Kiwi schools use a domain name for email, and 82% use it for their website.

“This is your home and you should have been safe here”

I keep coming back to the phrase, and the haunting drawing to which the phrase was attached, as I reflect on the terrorist attack at two mosques in Christchurch two weeks ago. The Muslim communities of New Zealand’s garden city were viciously attacked.

Public Wi-Fi - dos and don'ts

Wi-Fi: use it, don’t? This question has often occurred to me when flying to a conference - or sitting at it.
The seductive lure of connectivity when you used not to have it is a clear hint about why the idea of “Wi-Fi in the sky” is such a winner.

Chris O'Connell

The news of Chris O'Connell's passing is altogether too soon.

NamesCon auction sees domain name sold for US $900,000

I recently attended my third NamesCon Global - an annual domain industry conference which draws nearly 1,300 delegates from around the world.

Andrew’s predictions for the Internet in 2019

Here’s what I think could be some of the big stories for the Internet in 2019.

The Internet is dead

Last night my Internet connection dropped. Not for a minute. Not for an hour. But indefinitely. Gone.