NZ Internet development gets a boost from conference grant recipients

A blog post from Ellen Strickland, the Community Programme Director at InternetNZ

The Conference Attendance grant recipients for 2017/18 have been confirmed. InternetNZ  are excited to support the nine successful applicants participate in conferences around the world and represent the great work New Zealanders are doing in maintaining and improving the Internet.

For this funding year, $30,000 was available for individuals or organisations to attend conferences, that will assist achieving InternetNZ’s objectives and where it will grow the pool of expertise in New Zealand.

The 2017/18 conference attendance had two rounds, which ran from June to August and November to January 2018. We received 22 high calibre applications.

After careful assessment by InternetNZ’s Grants Committee a decision by the InternetNZ Council was made. We are happy to announce the following nine recipients:

Guiying Huang ($1,626)

To attend the 42nd IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks in Singapore to learn about the state-of- the-art techniques and current research issues in networking from world's leading researchers.

Emma Barker-Clarke ($1,977)

To attend Online Safety on The EDGE Conference in Sydney. This will provide Emma with further knowledge on her doctoral research area in the field of criminology theories, youth experiences of technology facilitated sexual violence and abuse, with a particular focus on exploring the connection between online and offline harm.

MOA Kluster ($2,800)

To attend International Society for Technology in Education in Chicago to further develop in that area.

Winston Roberts ($2,800)

To attend the Internet Governance Forum 2018 in Geneva and to speak at the workshop where APrIGF aims to demonstrate the value of the work of the regional IGF in contributing substantial input to the agenda of the global IGF. 

Dr Aniket Mahanti ($4,000)

To attend the IEEE Local Computer Networks Conference (LCN) in Chicago, USA. To organise a peer-review workshop on IoT and share his research on evolution of Internet piracy.

Jessica Manis ($3,500)

To attend the AWE – Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, USA and present/showcase the work that she has done in New Zealand AR/VR field.

Siobhan Leachman ($745)

To attend the National Digital Forum 2018 in Wellington and effectively lobby and influence GLAMs to provide more reusable digital content.

Timothy Johnson ($4,000)

To attend the ICANN GDD Industry Summit 2018 in Vancouver, Canada to provide independent New Zealand input into GDD discussions, to increase understanding of the new gTLD application rounds, and report back on issues of relevance to New Zealand.

Dr Farkhondeh Hassandoust ($4,000)

To attend the Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems 2018 in Yokohama, Japan and present a paper for presentation on tertiary students’ information security awareness in New Zealand.

We congratulate these applicants for your time, energy and expertise to help build a better world through a better Internet.  

If anyone is planning a project around the development of the Internet in the Asia Pacific, ISIF Asia Grants are open now. Read about the different grant categories and how to apply for them here.

Our next round of grants will be open later this year. Find out more about our community grants programme here.