Three reasons why ISPs should deploy IPv6 now

Guest blog from George Michaelson, Senior R&D Scientist, APNIC
7 July 2016

The need to move to IPv6 is something that ISPs have known about for many years. Despite this, adoption of IPv6 across New Zealand’s ISPs has been low. According to APNIC Labs statistics, current IPv6 capability across NZ’s Internet infrastructure is about 2%.  

The first community grants rounds of 2016 are open!

Nicole Skews-PooleBlog post from Nicole Skews-Poole, Community Programme Liaison at InternetNZ
6 July 2016 

Until midnight 28 August, we are taking applications for 'conference attendance' and 'community projects' grants, worth $15,000 and $100,000 respectively.

Issues round-up: clash of the titans, building blocks and bad judgement?

Doing things this decade

Before we get cracking into the articles and our goofball takes on them I wanted to talk about how the Issues team is trying to do things “this decade”.

Our recent attempt at this is to use Github. Got a blog post? I have to admit, when we started doing using Github I was rather intimidated. But, it turns out old policy analysts can learn new tricks.

ISP Spotlight: conscious consumerism comes to Internet services

A blog post from Ben Creet, Issues Manager at InternetNZ
30 June 2016 

ISP banner imageToday we launched ISP Spotlight - and boy am I proud of this product.

Issues round-up: Data centres, webcams and sharing is caring?

Kia ora koutou. Here’s the access, use and security stories that have caught our eyes over the last week. 

Data centres getting smaller AND bigger

So these stories got me thinking about data centres. As cloud gets more and more mainstream we are seeing massive data centres being set up. AWS & Azure centres in Australia are getting pretty damn big while Singapore has put aside 13 hectares for a data centre park which will be able to house 105,000 square meters of “rackable space.” 


RCEP is a trade agreement which New Zealand is currently negotiating, and which will set rules and expectations for doing business online.

Issues round-up: IPv6 drama, exposed Internet systems and a new web on the horizon?

Kia ora everybody,

Here’s some stories that we’ve seen over the last week or so that have caught our eyes. We’re talking the future of the web, Internet protocols and a new report on national Internet security weaknesses.

Netflix blocks many IPv6

Slashdot has a story, with links to some logs, saying that Netflix is blocking a lot of IPv6 access, presumably because they can't geo-locate their users with IPv6.

Issues round-up: speeds, laptops and cross-border digital markets

A blog post from Ben Creet, Senior Issues Advisor at InternetNZ
7 June 2016

Kia ora koutou,

Another blog with some articles that have caught the issues team's attention over the last week or so. 

NetHui 2016...coming soon

Ellen StricklandA blog post from Ellen Strickland, Community Programme Director at InternetNZ
3 June 2016

Over the past few months we've been busy planning NetHui 2016 - and it's going to look a little different this year...