We’re going straight….to…the wild wild west

Heartbleed logoSo I’m sitting on the train, just going home after a long day at work. And this guy comes and sits next to me. Clean-cut sort of guy, wearing a suit that maybe isn’t quite the right size for him, but still it’s a suit. He’s also still wearing the nametag from the bank he works at.

We're heading in the wrong direction

Wrong wayI'm disappointed that most of New Zealand's telcos have decided that we need to pay more for the Internet in 2015. What I'm referring to is news that Vodafone and Callplus are following Spark's lead from late last year and pushing their prices up for home internet packages. Between those three companies, these pricing changes will impact approximately 94% of New Zealand internet users. 

Netflix, Hulu, US iTunes… I want to be anywhere but here.

NetflixWhat happens to the New Zealand Internet when no one wants to be a part of it anymore?

Top 10 Predictions for the Internet in 2015

PsychicIt's awfully difficult to see a month ahead in this industry sometimes, let alone trying to predict a year out... But anyway! In the spirit of bravery, and almost certainly being proven wrong on many of these, here are InternetNZ's Top 10 Predictions for the Internet in 2015.

It’s a bold move Cotton, let’s see if it pays off

Premier League on LightboxAnother exciting development happened yesterday in online content delivery. Spark announced a joint venture with Coliseum Sports to bring more sports content to the Lightbox online TV platform.

Harmful Digital Redux

CyberbullyingAs we move toward the end of the year, it’s a good time to look at those things that are likely to be on the table still in 2015. One of the items still looming on the legislative agenda is the Harmful Digital Communications Bill (HDC Bill).

We consider the Bill to be a uniquely important piece of legislation by virtue of how it seeks to:

A reminder of the awesome Canterbury funding round

Thumbs up for CanterburyThis is a reminder that InternetNZ is currently running a funding round dedicated to Canterbury.

We are providing $100,000 for projects that extend the availability, use and benefit of the Internet and associated tech. 

Hills, Holes and Poles

This is the first blog for Hills Holes and Poles, an InternetNZ supported project to look at  innovative rural broadband projects solutions and template them for other communities. This sees the pair of us - Chris O'Connell and Brendon Burns - travelling initially to see South Island innovators.

Hills, Holes and Poles: Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts

Our project is called Hills Holes and Poles and we saw all three yesterday.

Why we love community grants round: Canterbury edition

As part of our mission to work alongside the Internet community of New Zealand, we help fund projects that go towards making New Zealand’s Internet better.

Every year we invest $500,000 in community projects, research projects and conference attendance as well as our strategic partners. We do this because we are the stewards of the .nz domain for New Zealand. Part of this responsibility means we are in the position to provide funding to the community to benefit the New Zealand Internet.