Scene setting for NetHui 2015

Here is the prepared-for-delivery version of my Scene Setting speech at NetHui 2015, for those interested. Transcripts and video of all sessions are coming later - check for that material in a few days. Time pressure meant the words spoken on the day aren't quite as written.

Kia ora ano.

Thank you for being here.

What a wonderful crowd.

I’d like to begin this morning with one of my favourite proverbs:

What more is to be done for Rural Internet?

... is a question I've been working on a lot recently, and in particular through a number of engagements that I'd like to tell you all about. 

A year and a bit of technical research

This is a guest post from Jay Daley, CEO of NZRS. It follows on from my blog post:

Post-Council: Business development, technical research, NZRS and InternetNZ


There's been a bit of confusion in the last couple of weeks about technical research within InternetNZ and the role InternetNZ has asked NZRS to take.

Post-Council: Business development, technical research, NZRS and InternetNZ

As part of ongoing improvements to internal comms, I'll be blogging ‘Post-Council’ on the operational impact or background of a specific Council decision after each Council meeting.

This is the first of the series. It looks at business development efforts at InternetNZ – a process aimed at delivering more resources to do good work for the Internet community.


NetHui: It's your business too

This year’s NetHui will be held 8-10 July at Sky City in Auckland. The broad theme this year is “The Internet is Everybody’s Business”, and, as we tend to, we're looking for the diverse NetHui community to help shape the programme with an exciting range of ideas and suggestions. And, of course, looking for volunteers to help facilitate sessions, contribute to sessions and panels, and to run side events, meet-ups... and generally make NetHui 2015 the best yet! 

Non Executive Director

InternetNZ is the sole shareholder of NZRS Ltd which manages New Zealand’s domain name registry and has a world class reputation for innovation and reliability.  NZRS is a relatively small organisation which has responsibility for delivering critical infrastructure.  It consistently achieves outstanding customer service ratings and is well positioned to take advantage of the next wave of opportunities in the domain name space.

Copy wrong? Copy right.

Copyright. Its a big issue in an Internet context for a few reasons:

NetHui 2015 website launches

NetHui 2015InternetNZ is pleased to announce the launch of the NetHui 2015 website, formally announcing NetHui 2015.

InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter is looking forward to hearing the New Zealand Internet community's ideas for this year's event.

"NetHui is New Zealand's premier Internet event. This year the theme is "the Internet is everybody's business" and we've already locked in some cool speakers.

Many questions in the copyright debate

Global modeSince the pre-Easter news that four big content companies (Mediaworks, TVNZ, Sky and Spark through Lightbox) were threatening legal action against ISPs offering services like GlobalMode, I’ve been mulling on what all the pieces of this puzzle are.