Supporting Internet research in New Zealand

Internet researchJust as research in universities and institutions around the world played a key role in the creation of the Internet and its use, research has a vital contribution to make to the future of the Internet in New Zealand.

Gigatown and regional use of the Internet for economic development

Gigatown DunedinToday is launch day for Gigatown Dunedin. That means that from today, Chorus is making gigabit-speed offerings available to ISPs for sale in Dunedin. 

ICANN 52 reflection

It’s a week now since the end of ICANN’s 52nd public meeting in Singapore, held 8-12 February. I’ve had a chance to reflect on the week and think about what happened.

Launching the Internet research funding round

Every year InternetNZ gives away money to a bunch of different people and organisations to improve the Internet and our use of it.

We do it because our vision is for a better world through a better Internet. And to achieve that vision, we recognise that we are in a position where we can help make others make it a reality.

This year we have already had funding rounds for conference attendance, community projects and a special funding round to help the Internet and its uses in Canterbury.

The content revolution

Viva la revolucionThe Internet has the potential to completely change the model for content distribution here in New Zealand. Content could be one of the "killer apps" encouraging New Zealanders to take advantage of the improved connectivity options available thanks to the UFB rollout. High speed Internet can provide more content, at lower prices, with more choice and flexibility than ever before.

Safer Internet Forever

Internet securityTuesday, 10 February was Safer Internet Day. Safer Internet Day is an international event, coordinated in New Zealand by InternetNZ Partner NetSafe. Safer Internet Day is celebrated worldwide to encourage the safe and positive use of the Internet and digital technologies such as
mobile phones, especially among children and young people.

On Net Neutrality

Network neutralityAs many members will be aware, we released a "Pre Public Discussion Document" on Network Neutrality in late December. The purpose of this blog post is to remind members that we are keen on hearing your views on how we intend to proceed on this matter.

Flexibility of regulation for technology

Uber is welcome...or are they?Uber has been in the news a bit recently, coming up against some legal challenges regarding their service versus traditional rules for taxi operations.

A boot stamping on a human face forever

David CameronUK Prime Minister David Cameron’s comments about encrypted message services not being allowed under his Government are, to be perfectly frank, horrific.

We’re going straight….to…the wild wild west

Heartbleed logoSo I’m sitting on the train, just going home after a long day at work. And this guy comes and sits next to me. Clean-cut sort of guy, wearing a suit that maybe isn’t quite the right size for him, but still it’s a suit. He’s also still wearing the nametag from the bank he works at.