InternetNZ at the Ninth Internet Governance Forum: #IGF2014

This coming week sees the ninth meeting of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum, a bells-and-whistles gathering of the global Internet community. The purpose of the IGF is to bring together the whole range of Internet stakeholders to talk through issues regarding the Internet's ongoing development.

Wifi art thou

Right now I'm in South East Asia, not staying at a 5-star hotel but a very modest 3-star. 

There is a peep-hole in the door which isn't unusual, but it's largely superfluous as the 6 inch crack in the wall next to the door offers a much better view.  The wiring around my bedside table lamp isn't what you'd call safe either.

A couple of policies out - NZ First, Labour

I've been paying some attention to the policy releases on Internet issues that political parties have been making as the general election approaches. This is the first of a series of posts that are just designed to draw attention to what parties are promising - not to critique them particularly, but to let members and others know what's out and where to find it.

Two parties in this blog post - New Zealand First, and Labour. 

Privacy: it's worth fighting for

Twelve months ago on Friday last week, a then-unknown NSA analyst released a trove of documents that has impacted the world in a way that is usually the domain of religious screeds.

Edward Snowden has claimed he was appalled at the level of surveillance being conducted by United States and other Government operatives on civilians and other world leaders. Beset by a sense of civic duty, he leaked a vast quantity of information that continues to come out even today. In doing so he created a global conversation that remains unresolved.

Election 2014 is around the corner

media release from Steven Joyce yesterday reminded me that policy announcements are still coming out from last month's Budget, and that we are on the cusp of the debate really starting to focus on the decisions facing the country at Election 2014:

State surveillance revelations: toward an InternetNZ position


Since June 2013, the Guardian, the New York Times and Der Spiegel have published a series of revelations that indicate government intelligence agencies have been collecting very large quantities of information from users of the Internet. These allegations have had wide coverage, and include suggestions that various Internet security protocols were weakened to allow easier intelligence gathering. 

Net neutrality

The hot button topic in recent times has been net neutrality; the notion that every data packet is equal. Right now the global Internet community is facing a far bigger threat to net neutrality than ever before and there are a lot of voices making a lot of noise.

HeartBleed vulnerability warning for website owners: fix list

New Zealand Internet Task Force is today warning website owners that their site’s security may have been breached and private information may have been stolen after the HeartBleed vulnerability was identified in the last 24 hours. 

Individual web users do not have to do anything however website owners are advised to check their sites and patch them where required.