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Our 25-year-old copyright law is out of date and badly needs an update to meet the needs of New Zealanders in the Internet era. Check out our submission to the Government.

Links and Thinks 25 July 2018

We have a new cable crossing the Pacific, and a news story about New Zealanders who can't connect at the other end. Working under time pressure, will California lawmakers bridge their privacy divide? Finally, our crypto corner covers a nasty game which invites players to divide each other from their assets.

Links and Thinks: Conscious Computing for Junk-free July

Today, Senior Policy Advisor James Ting-Edwards shares links and thinks about some of the modern Internet's problems and distractions, including whether the Internet is too centralised, Facebook's new moves to show how ads are being shared, how bad email security enabled house-buying fraud in Oz, and some steps to avoiding device distractions for junk-free July.

Links and Thinks: a safer Internet in 2018

In addition to being Waitangi Day, yesterday was Safer Internet Day. This blog marks the occasion, with James reporting from a security-focused event, and a roundup of Safer Internet activity online.

Links and Thinks: 24 January 2018

This week, our Policy Advisor James has been thinking about connections. James tells us about a cable-laying boat connecting New Zealand to the world, about email problems and how to avoid them, and about forgetful search engines and our connection to older stuff on the web.

A rollercoaster called the TPP

Over the weekend, the Trans-Pacific Partnership was again in the news. A series of different stories veered between very different potential outcomes. It was finally concluded. It was dead, because Canada had called talks off. It was alive, but in a different form. For me, these stories felt a bit like a rollercoaster ride. That's because this agreement with its shifting names has been a big part of my work over the past couple of years.

Analog Regulation, Digital World

Authored by Dr Eric Crampton, The New Zealand Initiative and James Ting-Edwards, InternetNZ. The Report will be launched at NetHui 2017. You can check out the report summary here.

Checking out CHCon

James headed along to the CHCon Hackers event. Here is his report.

Telco review could mean huge opportunities for NZ

Does anyone need Gigabit fibre in 2016? The launch of blazing-fast fibre services has met skepticism, with journalists asking “does anyone need this?” Well, some experts are convinced you do, and I tend to agree.

If you search for “things you can do with Gigabit Internet,” you’ll probably get a list that goes...

Telecommunications from 2020: “To UFB, and Beyond!”

The Internet creates lots of great opportunities for communication and for commerce - but that’s no good if you can’t get a good Internet service at a reasonable price. The government is currently reviewing the rules in this area - from 2020, these rules will determine how good our services are, and how much we pay for them. InternetNZ is engaging with that process to support better services, at fair prices, throughout New Zealand.