Technical research

The Technical Research team is responsible for collecting, understanding and providing insights about the Internet in general, specifics about New Zealand's Internet, the DNS and the .nz namespace. It contributes to our goal to be the authority on Internet issues and New Zealand's Internet data.

The team follows the principle of 'reproducible research' with:

We use innovative methods from the 'data science toolbox' including machine learning, natural language processing and statistical analysis to analyse data that can be of great value for our community, New Zealand and other practitioners across the world. We are likely the first organisation to run a Hadoop cluster in New Zealand, that we use to store large collections of data.

In 2018/2019 we plan to cover three main areas:

  • better understanding of the composition of the .nz register by generating new insights
  • take a closer look at the New Zealand's Internet inner structure with regular tailored active and passive data collections
  • improve the .nz namespace by analysing the quality of domain name registrations and their use of good practices.